Becky Golubski, Pastel Artist


Becky Golubski

Pastel Artist

Canine art and pet portraiture by commission has been Becky's primary focus for many years, combined with her love of painting with soft, vibrant, and buttery pastels. She has won numerous awards and exhibits regularly. 

 An advocate for artistic promotion, she founded the Pierce City Arts Council which will host its 9th fine arts festival at Jolly Mill Park near Pierce City, Missouri on April 29, 2017. 

From 2010-2016 she moved up from volunteer to co-director of the Thomas Hart Benton Art Show and Competition. Recently, Becky has ventured into landscape oil painting and found she enjoys using palette knives to apply thick layers of paint, similar to her technique with pastels.

Becky can be reached at her studio in Pierce City, Missouri at 417-489-3041 and by E-mail [email protected].

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11th Annual Pierce City Arts Festival
at Jolly Mill Park 2019




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